Instant Pot Award Winning Chili Recipe

We recently attended a chili cook-off which kicked my obsession with finding an #InstantPot Award Winning #Chili Recipe into high gear.

Making chili in an instant pot is really easy because there’s an actual setting for chili and beans. That pretty much takes all of the thinking out of this award winning instant pot chili recipe, doesn’t it. Because of this awesome setting there isn’t much you need to do other than dump everything in the pot, but because we  don’t want to dirty any other dishes I’m also going to show you how to brown your beef and cook your bacon right in the instant pot.

18 minutes is all it took to cook the chili but you could push to 30 minutes for even more flavor, and I have no reason for rushing, it was purely because instant pot is in my head so I want it instantly done.

Only some of the bacon gets added to the pot, while the rest we will use as a garnish. If you don’t care for garnishes, just add it in, but there is something really yummy about the different textures with the bacon on top.

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