12 Instant Pot Cinco De Mayo Recipes For A Fast & Festive Treat

12 Instant Pot Cinco De Mayo Recipes For A Fast & Festive Treat

Holidays offer the perfect chance to try out new recipes with your family, and plenty of people will celebrate Cinco de Mayo with delicious food. Even if you’re a little short on time this May, there are more than a few Instant Pot Cinco de Mayo recipes that take no time at all. With any luck, you’ll be thrilled with these delicious and savory meals, courtesy of your very own pressure cooker.

It helps to have a little background about Cinco de Mayo, the holiday that inspires these yearly celebrations and feasts. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican army’s defeat of French forces at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, according to History.com. It was an unlikely win in a David and Goliath type of situation. (Side note: Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican independence day.) A relatively minor holiday in Mexico, the day has taken on a new life in the United States. Thanks in part to the work of Latino activists in the 1960s, the holiday originally raised awareness about the people of Puebla and their ability to hold off the French forces, as noted in the Independent. Over time, Cinco de Mayo has become a celebration of the growing hispanic population in the United States.

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