Instant Pot Meal Prep Recipes

Instant Pot Meal Prep Recipes – Simplemost

If I’ve talked to you for more than five minutes in recent months, I’ve probably tried to turn you into an Instant Pot convert. Did you know you can make perfect hard-boiled eggs in 10 minutes? What about delicious potatoes in 20? Did I mention how quick and easy it is to make rice and quinoa? It even makes yogurt.

If you don’t already know how much of a game-changer this nifty kitchen device can be, you are truly missing out. Don’t be afraid of it: Start by reviewing the quick instructions, and then follow some recipes. I’ve never burned myself or blown up anything — I promise!

I’ve never been motivated enough to do meal prep ahead of time. Spend a whole day cooking meals for the week? I love cooking, but blech, that does not sound like fun. That’s why I was intrigued by the idea of using my Instant Pot to make some basics for the week to save both money and time.

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