Crock Pot Express Crock Vs Instant Pot: Multi-Cooker Review | Brit + Co

Crock Pot Express Crock Vs Instant Pot: Multi-Cooker Review | Brit + Co

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Lately it seems like everyone is cooking with an Instant Pot (we guiltily own two models), so it was only a matter of time before slow-cooker giant Crock-Pot released its version of a multicooker, the Multi-Use Express Crock ($69). But does their version live up to the classic? We spent a few weeks playing with several of the settings on the Express Crock to compare it to the OG Instant Pot. Beyond its attractive price point (the Express is $10 cheaper than the basic Instant Pot model), here’s what we discovered about the Express Crock


The Express Crock comes with the cooker, a metal trivet, a rice spatula, cookbook, and instruction booklet — everything to equip even the most beginner multicooker user. This matches Instant Pot, with the exception of the trivet, which is sold separately as an accessory. Design-wise, the Crock looks strikingly similar to the IP. The round aluminum cooker contains a nonstick bowl; a heavy, lockable lid; and a digital time display with a variety of setting buttons on the side of the cooker.

The big difference is the Crock-Pot does not have as many audible cues (Instant Pot has various sounds to to let you know when the lid is locked in place, the pot is up to pressure, and the cook time is over), but the Express Crock, like the Instant Pot, does provide a beep when the cook time is over. While we miss all the sing-songy bits of the Instant Pot (which sounds a bit like a Tamagotchi), we love that the nonstick bowl in the Crock-Pot is easier to clean and that the CP includes a metal trivet (an essential, often-needed item when pressure cooking).

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