How The Instant Pot Became A New Immigrant Classic | HuffPost

How The Instant Pot Became A New Immigrant Classic | HuffPost

The creator wanted to facilitate a comfort dish for each of the newest clans in North America: porridge for the Chinese, dal for Indians, beans for Latinos.”

When my mom died in 2007, I started a blog for the Indian aunties of my hometown of Dallas, friends of my parents who’d set up there as my family had upon leaving India. I asked them to upload recipes for my friends and me that would remind us of home ― the palyas and dals made with the skill and fresh-ground powders unique to each aunty. Only, they confessed, they couldn’t figure out the website’s instructions. I realized I was really hoping they could turn back time to when my mom was still here ― not a task manageable via WordPress.

Today a new genre of Indian cooking aims to satisfy my decades-old longing, centered around the machine known as the Instant Pot, an electric pressure cooker so popular it’s been credited with inspiring a religion of sorts. Cylindrical and large, the Instant Pot is a chimera of an appliance, a pressure cooker that plugs into the wall like a blender and can saute like a pan, simmer like a slow cooker and ferment yogurt with the force of the Madras heat.

A mainstream hit, the Instant Pot has found extreme fandom among…

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