The Best Starter Recipes for the Instant Pot |

The Best Starter Recipes for the Instant Pot |

Get acquainted with your Instant Pot with these expert tips and recipes, including easy bolognese, beans, and risotto.

So, the internet convinced you to buy an Instant Pot. Now what? Do you try roasting some sweet potatoes or do you dive directly into a complicated lamb tagine? To find out, we asked Instant Pot experts and enthusiasts for the best recipes for newbies.

1. Boil Some Eggs, Watch Some Tube

Coco Morante, author of the officially Instant Pot–approved cookbook The Essential Instant Pot and a forthcoming second book called The Ultimate Instant Pot, suggests you start with something very simple, like boiling eggs.

Why boil eggs in the Instant Pot when they’re so easy to make on the stovetop? “In the Instant Pot, the eggs are not actually boiled, they’re steamed under pressure,” says Morante. “The membrane comes away from the shell much more easily and they end up much easier to peel than regular hard-boiled eggs.”

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